#Brown january

Awareness about mining risks
and crime of Vale in Brumadinho, Minas Gerais, Brazil

2 years

Vale's crime continues ...

Vale murdered 272 human beings

11 "jewels"

not found yet


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Events 2021

II Pilgrimage


Chaos, pain, perplexity and impunity

It was a crime! It was no accident.

Memória da Resistência

Video (9 minutes) made by the Águas e Serras Casa Branca Movement and the Associação Comunitária Jangada, from January / 2020, which talks about 10 years of hard work and dedication of the communities against Vale in Brumadinho.

It is an important historical record of the struggle that already exposed the mining company's stance and concern about the risks of the Feijão / Jangada complex.

Photos of  1 year of the crime

Crime retrospective

A verdade por trás da publicidade enganosa da Vale

Click and know who is

Vale company

Tourism in the vision of Vale

The mining company Vale is worthless

The 15 defendants were not arrested
Justice Now!
Enough of impunity!



Mining: a cancer in the heart of Minas Gerais

Brown January


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